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Registration to workshops - Spring 2019 


Registration fees must be paid in full upon registration. The rates indicated for each course apply only to self-employed persons, non-profit organizations and companies not subject to the Act to foster the development of manpower training with a payroll not exceeding 2 $ 000,000. In the case of an enterprise subject to the Act to promote the development of manpower training, the latter must pay the full costs associated with the actual value of the training. 

By PayPal

Formations Printemps 2019

>>By check or money order in the name of En Piste.  


  • Fill out the appropriate registration form above and save it on your computer. 
  • Acknowledge your payment by PayPal or by check
  • Send your completed form, CV and attachment and the required information by email to
  • You can also mail your form, CV and payment to Formation - En Piste, 8181, 2nd Avenue, 7th Floor, Montreal, Quebec H1Z 4N9. 

Once we have received your completed form, your CV and your payment, your registration is complete and a confirmation email will be send.Please note that no participant will be accepted without registration duly completed.Members of En Piste have priority over non-members provided they have completed their registration (payment, form, CV) 10 working days before the start of training.


En Piste reserves the right to cancel a class if the number of registrations is deemed insufficient within a reasonable timeframe. In that event, registration fees will be reimbursed in full.

However, if a participant cancels his or her participation to a course, he or she must advise us by phone or e-mail, ten (10) business days before the start of the course.When canceling, we encourage participants to find a replacement who meets eligibility criteria in a reasonable timeframe, subject to validation by the course coordinator. If a registered participant does not turn up at a course without notifying the instructor or En Piste ahead of time, he or she could be barred for future course registrations.AttendanceAll absence must be justified and validated by the coordinator and instructor. Participants must attend the first day of the course, no exception.

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