Categories of member

Membership is divided into five categories as established in the En Piste general by-laws: Individual Member, Corporate Member. Educational/Training Organization Member, Associate Member and Honorary Member.

Some of these categories include subcategories which are detailed as follows:

Individual Member
A. Artist and Creator
B. Trainer, Instructors, or Coach
C. Stage Artisans and Technicians
D. Cultural Worker
E. Researcher
F. Student
G. Intern

Corporate Member
A. Creative or Producing Company or Artists' Collective
B. Producer or Festival
C. Association, Network or Support Organization
D. Social Circus or Mediation Organization

Educational/Training Organization Member
A. Post-Secondary Institution
B. Preparatory School
C. Circus as Extracurricular, Recreational, Community or Day Camp Activity 
D. Continuing Education Organization

Associater Member
A. Friend
B. Collaborator
C. Partner
D. Reporter
E. Employee of a member company NEW !

Honorary member

To register as a member, we invite you to consult our Membership Policy in order to familiarize yourself with our conditions for admissions and our different categories of members. 

Photo credit: Sam Ross Giblin / 7 doigts de la main