We have a lot of resources to help you. Feel free to contact us! Maybe we have something which will answer your needs. We are always happy to notice the impact of the workshops on your projects and your careers then do not hesitate to share us your experiences.

Fall 2018

2018-L’art du MC (in French only)  New !
2018-Technique acrobatique au mât chinois (in French only)  Multiregional !
2018-Atelier pour diffuseurs (in French only)
2018-Le marché européen (in French only)
2018-Classe de maître en mât chinois et mât pendulaire (in French only)  New !
2018A-Accrochage d’appareils acrobatiques (in French only)
2018-Gestion de tournée internationale (in French only)  New !
2018-Processus de création avec les 7 doigts (in French only) - FULL  New !
2018-Travail à l’étranger : ce qu’il faut savoir avant de franchir les frontières (in French only)  Multiregional !
2018-Finances personnelles et fiscalité internationale (in French only)  Multiregional !

Winter 2019

2019-Workshop on Magic Adapted to Circus  Multiregional !
2019-Classe de maître en jonglerie (in French only)  New !
2019-La philanthropie, source de revenus pour les arts du cirque (in French only)  New !
2019-Automassages pour améliorer ses performances (in French only)  New !
2019-Fiscalité internationale (in French only)
2019-Enjeux et stratégies de la diffusion internationale (in French only)  New !  Multiregional !
2019-Budget de création et d’opération pour spectacles en tournées (in French only)
2019-Classe de maître sur la corde lisse et tissu (in French only)  New !
2019-La pédagogie et le cirque (in French only)  New !
18-21 February 2019-La voix de mon personnage (in French only)  New !
2019-Gestion légale des entreprises de cirque et droit d’auteur (in French Only)  New !
2019-Classe de maître au cerceau avec Geneviève Bessette : La rotation (in French only)  New !

2 parts of continuing education offered at En Piste:


Mainly the workshops organized by En Piste are offered in Montreal. Participants living more than 50 kilometers of the place of the workshop can be eligible to the workshop, but have to assume their traveling costs and their hosting fees.


With the multiregional, participants of whole Quebec can have access to the workshop offered by En Piste. Participants living more than 50 kilometers of the place of the workshop could take advantage of a refund of their traveling costs, hosting fees and per diem. You must keep you original invoices. Contact us for more details.

Photo credit: JF O'Kane – 7 doigts de la main – Meaghan Wegg