François Bouvier

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François starts gymnastics at a very young age. It’s the beginning of a long acrobatic formation. When he gets older, François starts to learn classical ballet. He enters the École Supérieure de Ballet Contemporain du Québec before discovering circus. In the last year of his high school, François enters the National Circus school of Montreal. He will stay there five years, during which he will learn to walk, dance, and performs acrobatics on the tightwire. Later, François starts hula hoop. He also works with high heels on the wire exploring both the tragic and comic sides of an androgynous figure. More and more François is developping and interest for the circus stunts theimselves, and for what can be their meaning for the public and for the artist. François loves circus. There is a big top always inside his head.

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Circus Fields

Tight wire
Ground acrobatic


Circus artist

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Photo credit: Sam Ross Giblin / 7 doigts de la main