David Ayotte

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Between the ages of 15 and 20 years old, I was travelling on the road with my backpack, from British Columbia to Mexico and from New Orleans to Prince Edward Island. In one of these trips, I encountered two jugglers that were travelling the world with their art. I immediateley fell in love with the idea. And so, when I decided to move to Quebec, I only had one thing in mind ; join the circus and keep on rumbling down the road in this amazing new world. It took a while to be more precise about what I wanted, and what fit me. I juggled, did some Icarian games, handstands, clowning (and still do) but there was this one discipline that seemed to fit like a glove ; chinese pole. I had never done something so demanding and exhilarating at the same time. My whole body responded to this fight against gravity like something I had never felt before. I was hooked. Since then I have worked mainly as a Chinese Pole Artist with Circus Monti, Cirque Éloize and as a street show performer. www.davayotte.com

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Photo credit: Sam Ross Giblin / 7 doigts de la main