Ryan Gray

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At the age of 6 I began music (drum set), completing a music degree (classical percussion) after high school. In 2008 I moved to Montréal where I composed music for circus artists. In 2012 I travelled to South Africa and began studying aerial straps at Zip Zap Circus. I have worked as musician, composer, sound tech, straps artist, clown, and instructor in different amounts with Circus Smirkus, the National Circus School's creation week, Zip Zap Circus, circus collective Les Improbables, Atlantic Cirque troupe, and le Fabuleux Cirque de Jean-Coutu. I am currently taking the online instructor course from the National Circus School.

Circus fields & Expertises

Circus Fields

Aerial straps
Clown art


Circus artist
Teacher – Aerial speciality
Music Designer

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Photo credit: Sam Ross Giblin / 7 doigts de la main