Cassady Rose Bonjo

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Cassady Rose Bonjo is a multidisciplinary circus artist specializing in Single Point Trapeze and Contortion. She is known for attention to detail in her work and as a young emerging artist who strives to create expressive performances. Born in Pennsylvania, USA, Rose trained as a classical Ballet dancer for eleven years and worked with several professional Ballet companies. She was introduced to Circus Arts at age 16. Following graduation from secondary school, Rose moved to Brattleboro, Vermont to attend the new England Center of Circus Artist Professional Training Program. After completion of the program, she sought out diverse performance opportunities and private coaching, furthering her training in circus communities across the US. In 2012, Rose moved to New York City to work as a freelance circus artist, performing at shows and events including Broadway productions, corporate galas, experimental street performances, collaborations with contemporary dance companies, and cabaret shows. In 2014, she was invited to be part of the first Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival to present her solo contortion act. In 2015, Cassady Rose was awarded an Emerging Artist grant to create her solo piece entitled TINT as a part of a six month residency at STREB Pop Action Lab in Brooklyn, NY. Since her time working in NYC, Rose has sought out new challenges and recently relocated to Montreal, Quebec to further her training in ground and aerial disciplines.

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Photo credit: Sam Ross Giblin / 7 doigts de la main