Maude Arseneault

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Always smiling and playful, Maude is quickly recognized as the driving force of her group, one of the reasons why her artistic gymnastics trainers decide to refer her to the National Circus School, where she meets her passion. It is at that time that the world opens up to her and that everything becomes possible. It is on the Chinese pole that her creativity is fully revealed and that she discovers that being two multiplies all possibilities. It is then that she decides to specialize in that discipline with her partner Mikaël. In parallel, she keeps developing her versatility in other disciplines including the powertrack, the double point aerial hoop and other acrobatic disciplines. Maude likes to work with the others. She can act as a leader, but will also let others lead. She has a lot of initiative, is well organized and likes that things get well done. She loves adventure and believes that one can always learn from the others. This young artist from Quebec has become a strong acrobat whose capacity for self-analysis and love of life make outstanding.

Circus fields & Expertises

Circus Fields

Chinese pole
Aerial hamac
Aerial hoop
Power track
Ground acrobatic


Circus artist

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Photo credit: Sam Ross Giblin / 7 doigts de la main