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I begun training as a circus athlete (specialized in fixed trapeze) in parallel with my Masters in computer science. After a research specialization surrounding the theme of artificial intelligence, I turned toward more sensible trades. In 2010 I took photography at the École Nationale Supérieure de Photographie of Arles and taught trapeze in Turbul’ (Nîmes, France) both school and residence for artists. I opened myself up to dance with the intent of enriching my trapeze discipline into an “aerial dance” and creating improvised numbers with live music. Meanwhile I am working as a freelance photograph / videographer during residencies with theater companies I follow. In 2014, I settled in Montréal and multiplied my attendance of dancing courses at the Studio 303 and Circuit-Est, while pursuing my creations in visual arts (film photography, fanzine author & videos). This year (2017) I have begun a creative project with Mathilde Perallat, a duo with groundwork and trapeze exploring both the taking of roots and freedom. I am presently developping myself with the study of one’s relationship with the body and the real universe in our age, and the levels of bodily involvement according to realities we visit. I enjoy using metaphores and transporting questions from one media to another to answer them.

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Photo credit: Sam Ross Giblin / 7 doigts de la main