Artists Training Management Service (ATMs)  

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To support the training of professional circus performers

The Artist Training Management Service program (ATMs) aims to help and equip professional circus performers based in Quebec to manage their training. The program is designed to allow circus performers to better adapt to the high artistic and physical demands of their profession.

  1. Group workshops and Individualized Training Support in circus and related disciplines
  2. Reimbursement assistance for training expenses
  3. Management of the CNESST protection measure, aimed at protecting performers during their training, in the event of occupational injuries (coming soon)

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List of supervised (approved) locations for free training:

- National Circus School (Mntréal)
- Cirque Hors Piste
- École de cirque de Québec
- Les 7 Doigts
- Le Monastère
- Cirque Éloize
- Caravane Coop

The Artist Training Management Service program is made possible by funding from the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec (CALQ), Services Québec and Compétence Culture