Call for Nominations 2021 - Board of Directors 

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Do you want to get involved in your alliance and its community life? The time has come to submit your candidacy for the election of the Board of Directors positions that will exceptionally be held online, in the 2 days prior to our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

The Board is made up of 16 people representing three electoral colleges. The Executive Director sits on the Board as Secretary. It is important for us to have a diverse Board, composed of artists and professionals representing the various realities of all provinces and territories. A term on the Board of Directors lasts two years (except when otherwise stated). 

Each year, half of the board members go through an election process to be elected or re-elected as directors at our AGM. It will be a bit different this year as 11 positions are up for election. Here is a reminder of the composition of your Board of Directors:

College of Individual Members

Currently represented by:

Claudel Doucet (position up for election in 2021 for 1 year only)
Annie-Kim Déry
Marie-Ève Dicaire (position up for election in 2021)
Jimmy Gonzalez (position up for election in 2021)
Itzel Viruega (position up for election in 2021)

Four positions up for election in this college.

College of Corporate Members

Currently represented by:

Natasha Drouin-Beauregard | Cirque Éloize (position up for election in 2021)
Emmanuel Bochud | Cirque du Soleil (position up for election in 2021 for 1 year only)
Marie-Claude Bouillon | Luna Caballera
Anahareo Doelle | Wonderbolt Productions (position up for election in 2021)
Karine Lavoie | Cirque Hors Piste (position up for election in 2021)
Stéphane Lavoie | TOHU (position up for election in 2021 for 1 year only)

Five positions up for election in this college.

College of Educational Organization Members

Currently represented by:

Danièle Fournier | École Horizon-Soleil
Éric Langlois | École nationale de cirque (position up for election in 2021)
Tim Roberts | École de cirque de Québec (position up for election in 2021)
Andrée-Anne Simard | École de cirque de Verdun

Two positions up for election in this college.

In order to ensure a stimulating and dynamic democratic life, we welcome applications from many people from across Canada. Anyone interested in submitting their candidacy must do so no later than March 31, 2021 at 5:00 pm (EST). To do so, they must:

1. Be a member in good standing as an individual or for the organization he or she represents. (Make sure your member profile is up to date on our website.) Please note that associate members are not eligible.

2. Send a cover letter and a profile picture to services@enpiste.qc.ca. (Any director whose position is to be filled must re-apply using the same procedures).

3. File a letter of endorsement for his or her candidacy from another member of the same electoral college and send it to services@enpiste.qc.ca. For example, an individual member nominating himself or herself must have the support of another individual member.

Eligible candidates will be posted on this page prior to the online election so that voting members can view each candidate's profile and cover letter.

Please remember that the elections are overseen by the directors of your electoral college who will remain in office in 2021. A draw will determine the duration of the terms.

It is thanks to your support and loyalty that we will continue our development efforts for our community. We look forward to sharing our 2020 report with you! Don't miss the chance to present your candidacy and/or exercise your right to vote online from April 6 to 7, 2021.

As usual, our AGM will be followed by our annual forum.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.