Rhythm, voice and movement 

Rhythm, voice and movement


Sandy Silva


February 20 to 24, 2023

from 9am to 12pm. 

At Studio Bizz in Montreal. BIllingual.

Registration deadline

February 15, 2023


English & French

Maximum number of participants



Subsidized Rate: 73.88$
Actual Value: 492.56$

This training is supported by Emploi Québec. 


This training is for circus artists:

Rhythm plays a major role in circus. It is omnipresent in circus bodywork. Over time, the desire to express prowess can lead circus artists to forget this deep connection between music and performance, which has the effect of bringing the circus form towards a musicality less supported by the body's actions. Indeed, rhythm is a tool for tonal modulation and management, for relationship and expressiveness. Body musicality is a playful way to approach this essential aspect of psycho-corporal structuring. Through rhythm and movement, essential relational games are explored: unison, questions/answers, leadership, confrontation.

This training teaches circus artists greater ease and fluidity in their way of moving and expressing themselves on stage as well as notions such as movement, rhythm and the relationship with space.

Course 1: warm-up process and body functionalisation.

Lesson 2: body involvement devices using movement.

Course 3: situations involving various types of interaction (acrobatics)

Lesson 4: rhythmic work: creation of rhythmic phrases. Rhythmic group games.

Class 5: exploration of creative and expressive research processes (individual, interpersonal and group).

Required material

Please wear appropriate clothing.