Individual Career Support program 

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To support the development of Quebec circus professionals and artists

In partnership with Emploi-Québec et Compétence Culture we have implemented the Individual Career Support program, a new program devised keeping in mind the reality Quebec’s circus professionals face.

Working under expert educators, participants can achieve their professional goals and scale the summit of their ambitions!

You can opt for tailor-made training, individually or in small groups.

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Program's terms & conditions 

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• Performers
• Instructors
• Trainers
• Mediation agents
• Technicians
• Designers
• Cultural workers

All professionals in the Quebec circus community may apply for this program. However, priority will be given to our members.

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Opt for this program if you wish to:

• Take on new professional challenges
• Consider new career opportunities
• Improve the marketing of circus performances, locally and abroad
• Manage critical situations that arise in your career
• Acquire new management expertise
• Develop new knowledge and skills related to your profession or related disciplines
• Integrate new technologies as creative or management tools

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Whether or not you are a member of the Alliance, Emploi-Québec determines the eligibility criteria for the subsidized rate. To qualify for the subsidized rate, you must:

1. Be a professional working in the circus sector
2. Reside in Quebec
3. Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have an open or closed work permit in Canada
4. Be a self-employed worker or an employee of an NPO or company whose payroll does not exceed $2,000,000, or a claimant of employment insurance, social assistance, an employment integration measure or self-employment support.

Asylum seekers, full-time students and foreign workers in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program are not eligible.

Not sure if you are eligible? Contact us to get clear about your next step!

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Here are some examples of eligible subjects:

• Development of management, planning and marketing skills, as well as the administrative, financial and legal aspects of the career (e.g., career transition, grants, promotion, self-production, contract negotiation, copyright, taxation, artistic approach, etc.)
• Learning and refining specific techniques within a discipline or its artistic practice, or a specialized function
• Acquisition of knowledge or skills in areas of expression related to the discipline’s field (e.g., dance, drama, dramaturgy, number design, choreography, make-up, etc.)
• Development of knowledge of the cultural milieu, law and management of cultural organizations (e.g., business plan, archiving, governance, leadership, etc.)
• Acquisition of knowledge related to the globalization of artistic activity (e.g., tours)
• Development of skills in marketing, production, sales and market development, audiences and customers (e.g., promotion, producing, press relations, etc.)
• Development of skills in new technologies as a tool for the discipline or artistic creation (editing, digital images, videos for the Web, etc.) or as a management tool (e.g., databases, accounting, Internet, social networks, etc.)

Are you wondering about the eligibility of your continuing education need? Contact us before submitting your application.

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• Task-specific training or learning a new show
• Training activities offered by an internal trainer
• Conferences, forums, seminars
• Second language and francization
• Training activities whose content is not specific to the cultural sector (e.g., office automation)
• Management coaching, mentoring
• Any training governed by a law, including the CNESST's Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety
• Any training eligible for the Training Support program

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You may submit your project at any time.

However, training projects taking place in the fall must be completed no later than December 10, 2019, those that take place in winter must be completed by February 28, 2020 and those in the spring before May 31, 2020. Training sessions held outside of Montreal are available in fall and winter only.

Please allow 10 working days between the start date of your training and the project submission for application processing.

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Apply for a customized continuing education project now!

We advise you to read the terms and conditions BEFORE submitting your application.

To access the program, you must:

1. Complete the registration form and clearly communicate your training needs in accordance with the program objectives and dates
2. Propose a training activity of 20 hours or less in total
3. Approach a competent trainer who is recognized in his or her field
4. Provide an updated curriculum vitae
5. Do not start the training activity before receiving approval of your application

Once your training request is approved, you then must:

1. Sign the agreement
2. Complete the Emploi-Québec participant form
3. Pay the fee of $8 for each of hour of support
4. Carry out the training activity according to the schedule
5. Pay any project-related expenses other than the trainer's fees
6. Complete an evaluation form for the training activity within 5 days of its ending.

If you are applying for more than one project, the first must be completed before you can file another application.

Need help with your application? Contact us!

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