Individual Training Support program 

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For circus artists anywhere in Québec

En Piste’s training support program helps Quebec circus artists raise the bar on their training goals.

In partnership with Emploi-Québec et Compétence Culture, our Alliance offers you all the support you need to improve your training methods and excel as a circus professional. The program’s objectives revolve around your success. Want to take advantage of it?

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Program's terms & conditions 

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• Circus artists
• Instructors and trainers

Any circus artist, trainer or instructor may apply for support. However, priority is given to En Piste members.

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With this program, you will be able to:

• Improve your physical preparation according to your actuality
Develop new technical and discipline-related skills
Prevent the risk of injury and better manage your performance
Integrate best practices in health and safety
Set up a training cycle adapted to your objectives
Channel your performance stress

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Whether or not you are a member of the Alliance, Emploi-Québec determines the eligibility criteria for the subsidized rate. To qualify for the subsidized rate, you must:

1. Be a professional working in the circus sector
2. Reside in Quebec
3. Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have an open or closed work permit in Canada
4. Be a self-employed worker or an employee of an NPO or company whose payroll does not exceed $2,000,000, or a claimant of employment insurance, social assistance, an employment integration measure or self-employment support.

Asylum seekers, full-time students and foreign workers in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program are not eligible.

People who do not meet these 4 criteria must pay the actual value of the program in which they are enrolled.

Not sure if you qualify? Contact us to get clear about your next step!

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Here are some examples of eligible training projects:

• Gaining more profound knowledge of skills and techniques
• Learning a new circus technique
• Developing skills related to coaching
• Acquiring new training knowledge (e.g., nutrition)
• Learning a new training sequence
• New strategies to better manage performance stress
• Tips for managing training in a context (ex: period without a contract)
• Any other activity corresponding to the objectives of the program

Wondering if your training need is eligible? Contact us before submitting your application.

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• Task-specific training or learning a new show
• Training activities offered by an internal trainer
• Conferences, forums, seminars
• Second language and francization
• Training activities whose content is not specific to the cultural sector (e.g., office automation)
• Management coaching, mentoring
• Any training governed by a law, including the CNESST's Act Respecting
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Any training eligible for the Career Skills program

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You may submit your project at any time.

However, training projects taking place in the fall must be completed no later than December 10, 2019, those that take place in winter must be completed by February 28, 2020 and those in the spring before May 31, 2020. Training sessions held outside of Montreal are available in fall and winter only.

Please allow 10 working days between the start date of your training and the project submission for application processing.

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Apply for a customized training project now!

We advise you to read the terms and conditions above BEFORE submitting your application.

To access the program, you must:

1. Complete the registration form and clearly communicate your training needs in accordance with the program objectives and dates
2. Propose a training activity of 20 hours or less in total
3. Approach a competent trainer who is recognized in his or her field
4. Provide an updated curriculum vitae
5. Not start the training activity before receiving approval of your application

Once your training request is approved, you then must:

1. Sign the agreement
2. Complete the Emploi-Québec participant form
3. Pay the fee of $8 for each of hour of support
4. Carry out the training activity according to the schedule
5. Pay any project-related expenses other than the trainer's fees
6. Complete an evaluation form for the training activity within 5 days of its ending

If you are applying for more than one project, the first must be completed before you can file another application.

Need help with your application? Contact us!

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