Heidi Blais 

Heidi Blais
Individual Member / Performer
Artist , Creator , Teacher
Acrobatic | Icarian games , Hand to hand
Balance | Slack wire


Self-taught athlete, artist and teacher specializing in acroyoga, hand-to-hand and slackline. Most recently involved with ‘Branché’ as a porter, mid and flyer for group acrobatics, bringing audiences into natural spaces and sparking discussions on the question, “what is sustainable circus?” With a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley, I enjoy working with the structural possibilities of the human body, leading me to co-create numerous original acroyoga and hand-to-hand sequences over the years. I have trained handstands under Marie-Ève Dicaire, Naël Jammal and Claude Victoria. As a highliner, I traversed world-record highlines in 2018 and 2019, spanning 1.9 and 2.0 km respectively. A certified teacher through Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, my yoga background has been a unique lens through which to coach circus artists. In my teaching tours, I have taught at acroyoga and partner acrobatics conventions from Canada to Tasmania, Japan to Argentina. It is an immense privilege to work with people of all backgrounds, compelling me to adapt my teaching style and vary my technical repertoire accordingly. California-born, based in Montreal, I communicate clearly in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, and have experience in Polish, Dutch and Mandarin.

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Heidi Blais Équilibres
Artiste d'acroyoga, main à main, et slackline. Enseignante de yoga, acroyoga, équilibres sur mains et slackline.
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6- 8506 Avenue Bloomfield
Montreal Quebec H3N 2J3


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