Amélie Granger 

Amélie Granger Emmanuel Burriel
Individual Member / Performer


A woman of great passions, Amelie began her equestrian journey at the age of 5. In pursuit of her dream of becoming an equestrian artist, she discovered circus in 2019. This new flame takes her, she is admitted one year later to the professional training program of the École de cirque de Québec as a wire specialist. It is through her art that the young artist learns to embody what she really is; authentic, determined and connected to her feelings. During her journey at the ÉCQ, Amélie discovered a great attraction to collective work, especially in duets. In 2021, she creates the duo Cn'A and specializes in duo straps with her partner Carl Turner. Together they have had the privilege of working with Cirque Éloize and Flip Fabrique, among others. She graduated in 2023 and it is with her accomplice that she wishes to share her art throughout the world and dream even further.

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