Soizick Hébert 

Soizick Hébert
Individual Member / Performer
Artist , Artistic direction , Circus artist , Creator , Dramaturgy , Event management , Musical Direction , Staging , Teacher , Trainer (circus)
Clown arts | Clown art (general) , MC
Balance | Unicycle
Manipulation | Juggling


SOIZICK HÉBERT Physical Comedy, Clown, Musician, MC, Author, Composer, Artistic Direction, Clown and Acting Coach, UDA – ACTRA - EN PISTE – SOCAN – RAR - RAIQ Montréal, QC H1X 2Z7 Soizick Hébert counts 40 years of artistic, circus, clown et musical life. She walked different local and international stages: big top, theaters, and special events, out door or indoor shows, possible and unimaginable. Here is a brief overview of the path of her fabulous carrier. Throughout her passages in numerous productions and different venues, she met many talented colleagues and got more and more involved in the world’s circus clown community. She is called to replace for Premieres and in other big roles. : Joya, CDS Mexico, Nezha, Cirque Eloize, Shawinigan And Machine de Cirque in GOP Variety Germany. Her passion for play and precision of the theatre acting make her begin to give notes here and there early in her long carrier. Then, she is called to revamp, adjust characters replacements, for acting coaching for show already on tour (Aatchoum and Burletta of Aubergine, La Grande Étude, Theâtre à Tempo, J’m’en Tamponne, Toxique Trottoir et Gustave, le Gros Orteil. She signed direction and/or dramatic writing for La Perle Blanche, Aquaphonie, Toxique Trottoir, Aatchoum et Dada of Aubergine, L’Oubliette, Théâtre à Tempo. She teaches to l’École de Cirque de Québec and works for clown replacements on some shows of CDS recently. She gave a workshop to young in the Theatro Zinzanni circus camp in à Seattles. She gave her clown workshop at the Le Caire University Theater Festival. She helped and nursed the animation of Canada Pavillion in Shangaïï. Clown, juggler et musician, Soizick Hébert played in solo, in duo or in trio with Cirque Éloize, le Cirque du Soleil, Teatro Zinzanni. After 20 years and 6000 shows through the world with the duo: Les Voilà! Soizick and Johnny Filion part their routes. Then, her different associations continue to put colors to her route. Soizick came back to Montreal after 7 years of tours. In parallel of Les Parfaits Inconnus direction, she accept a role in Aatcoum with her character of Mme Swaz. She creates Mère et Phil, with her son Philibert Hébert-Filion. Soiz & Goos was an intense duo with the talented Goos Mussen. She looked for a pianist to assist and play with her and guide her to play her music. She will perform nice concerts with Anne-Marie Levasseur. Her character Jackie appears with this duo. With Guillaume Bourque, they created Orchestre Nova. In 2010, Jackie met Edgar Frédérick Desroches) in a Quebec City Cabaret. There association still exists, over 10 years later. They have hours of musical and comedy material. Soizick organises many roving and animations shows for different companies or events like C2 Montreal. She directed many Cirque du Monde annuel shows. All her characters: Edmond, the old photographer, Bémole the roving musician, The Painters or the Cardiotonics, they all have a common mission…. Make laugh !!!. Since 2016 Soizick associate with Marie-Hélène Côté to create Laurette et Arlette. There project is full of respect, of music and voyage. The two ladies characters teaches and accept their work and performe together since than.

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