More training for circus artists! 

More training for circus artists!
Rachel Walker
May 6, 2020

We're extending our Open ZOOM virtual training series for another week and are welcoming two new trainers!

Last week, we introduced two disciplinary trainers, Jérémie Robert for acrobats and Irina Purschke for aerialists. Their training sessions continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively.

To meet a high demand from aerial artists, we're adding a second workshop, this Monday May 11, led by Rachel Walker.

Last but not least, circus artists of all disciplines are invited to a first training session, on Wednesday May 13, led by Pascale Léonard on Gyrokinesis® (focus on hip opening and mobility). 

"Pascale is a true master. I have learned from many teachers around the world. Pascale has given me a deeper understanding of all that teaching, like a missing link!  She has a deep passion for teaching others. Merci Pascale, you are a gift to learn from! The circus world will be lucky to discover you!"

-Jinny Jessica Jacinto

Set up at the start of the pandemic's lockdown, this series of free and bilingual virtual training sessions, hosted on the Zoom platform, aims to encourage circus artists to continue training in a stimulating environment, along with their peers and in the best possible conditions despite the constraints of space, isolation and equipment. Hundreds of artists have already taken part in the workshops and many benefit from the program on a regular basis. Enjoy!

See the full training program and book your place now!