Long live the circus in Quebec! 

Long live the circus in Quebec!
June 9, 2020

Last Friday, The 7 Fingers offered us an incredible video montage that praises the circus made in Quebec! 

"Today, Quebec circus is a multitude of artistic forms and proposals, from circus under big tops to experimental circus, including social circus, circus for young audiences and authors' circus in all its variations.

Together we form a proud and supportive community of more than 80 companies and organizations and close to 10,000 artists, designers, employees, managers and technicians!

There is a lot of uncertainty in these strange times and the challenges are immense, but we are passionate people and together we will all come out of it stronger, individually and collectively.

Long live the circus in Quebec!''

Congratulations to Francisco Cruz, Antoine Seychal and David Étienne Durivage for making this video!

If you haven't seen it on social networks, watch it now!

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