Les Divines, a funny and touching new show 

Les Divines, a funny and touching new show
© Martin Savoie
March 3, 2020

The troupe is the result of an artistic and human love at first sight. At the age when people are retiring, two clown women decide to put on a show. Lucie Cormier is a humanitarian clown and Brigitte Charpentier, trained in theatre, is hunting for auditions and grants.

They are offered a residency at the Carrefour de l'Érable in Plessisville, Quebec, and they team up with director Sylvain Binette to give birth to their first show: "Les Divines", which they present in Quebec and around the world!

There are two, both wandering around: Zygote, the great fallen diva, and Mrs. Berlue, the optimist, who wants to cure her.

They meet in a park, tame each other, discover each other. They want to live again, to rekindle hope, to give meaning to their lives. But the scars are deep.

Can you reinvent your life when you've lost everything? Or when you have so little? To be exceptional, perfect and sublime, divine? Can this quest make you happy? And what to do when everything has turned upside down?

All in noise, in sounds and borborygmas, in onomatopoeia and zany songs like hymns, in a universal gestural language, the two clowns tackle the great themes: success and glory, failure and destruction, hope and despair, surpassing oneself, love, courage...

We recognize ourselves in them: disgraces, anxieties, broken dreams, but also fraternal impulses and solidarity.

Their feminine voices speak from the heart of Man.

Curious ? Check out their demo!

Physical duet, clown art and songs
Show for adults
Duration: 1 hour