Vaccination passport and cultural environment: En Piste helps you see more clearly  

Vaccination passport and cultural environment: En Piste helps you see more clearly
August 31, 2021

The vaccination passport will be implemented in Quebec as of September 1 and will allow anyone who has been properly vaccinated, that is, 7 days after receiving the second dose of vaccine, to access certain non-essential places and activities. En Piste helps you to see more clearly on this tool for the cultural milieu.

What is the vaccine passport: 
This is proof of vaccination against COVID-19 containing a QR code that displays your level of protection. You can submit your proof of vaccination in several forms: 

Note that for a citizen, the use of the VaxiCode application is not obligatory as a vaccination passport. He can present his QR code in PDF or paper format.

For citizens: download your proof of vaccination and obtain your vaccination passport:
You can download your proof of vaccination from the self-service portal.
To obtain your immunization passport, download the VaxiCode application and follow the procedure to add your proof of immunization.

Download VaxiCode on App Store

Download VaxiCode on Google Play


For operators and managers: Reception of the public, control of the vaccination passport

Operators of certain places and activities will be required to check the level of protection of the people they welcome to their establishment using the VaxiCode Vérif application. Here are the places and activities where the vaccination passport will be required: 

- outdoor events and festivals with more than 50 people

- performance venues, stadiums, conventions, fairs and arenas, auditoriums, movie theatres and any other type of venue where performing arts are presented

- sports or physical activities involving frequent or prolonged contact as well as those practiced during a class or organized group training of 2 or more people, including dance and circus


The vaccination passport will not be required for spontaneous performances or street parades, students who have dance or circus classes as part of their school curriculum, professionals who take group artistic training as part of their work, free indoor and outdoor training for circus arts professionals.

Here is the list of locations and activities where vaccination passport is required.


Those running businesses or activities can use VaxiCode Verif to read the QR code found on someone’s proof of vaccination to verify whether they are protected against COVID-19. Their status will be shown in red or green, along with certification from the Government of Québec indicating whether or not they can gain admittance to the activity. The only other visible information is the person’s name. Passport holders must also show photo ID to prove their identity.

Download VaxiCode Verif on App Store

Download VaxiCode Verif on Google Play

The application works without wifi access. Telephone support will be offered by Service Québec to merchants and citizens via 1-877-644-4545.

Employees, artists, exhibitors, speakers, animators, volunteers, musicians, members of the organizing committee, on-site restaurateurs, producers are not required to present their vaccination passport, it applies only to customers/spectators.

The sanitary measures in force continue to apply.