Reminder of the key elements of the vaccine passport 

Reminder of the key elements of the vaccine passport
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September 16, 2021

Since September 1, 2021, access to certain non-essential places and activities are governed by the vaccination passport in Quebec.

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Previously, we wrote an article gathering information about the cultural sector in order to demystify these new measures. Here is a reminder about the application of the vaccine passport:

What is the purpose of the vaccine passport?
Its objective is to limit the transmission of the virus while allowing the pursuit of activities essential to the economic, educational and social life of Quebec society.

Who must show their vaccination passport?
People aged 13 and over.

Who should ask for the vaccination passport?
Operators or persons in charge of the following places or activities:

  • Outdoor events and festivals with more participants than are allowed at outdoor public gatherings;
  • Theaters, cinemas, sports venues;
  • Recreational or tourist cruises;
  • Conventions and conferences;
  • Team sports and physical activities involving frequent or prolonged contact, played outdoors, including during an extracurricular activity;
  • All sports or physical activities performed in a public indoor;

What to check at the entrance?

  • The QR code of persons 13 years of age and older who wish to access these venues and activities using the VaxiCode Verif application;
  • The identity of individuals using proof of identity issued by a government department, agency or educational institution. This proof must include a photo for individuals between the ages of 16 and 74 inclusive.

All persons residing in Quebec who do not have a QR code, certified or recognized by the Quebec government, must be refused access to the premises or participation in activities covered by the use of a vaccination passport.

Persons aged 13 and over from other provinces or countries may present official proof of vaccination in French or English, issued by the province or country of residence, as well as proof of identity, with an address outside Quebec and a photo for persons aged 16 to 74, to gain access to places and activities covered by the deployment of the vaccine passport.

We invite you to consult the COVID-19 vaccine passport page for more information. For more information, consult the Tableau récapitulatif des ouvertures ou des suspensions des activités en période de COVID-19, updated on September 13.