October 22, 2021

Implemented by the CALQ and managed by the Fondation des artistes, the Psychosocial Support Fund offers ten hours of consultation with psychosocial workers such as psychologists, social workers, mediators, financial planners, legal advisors, etc.

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The Foundation underlines that this fund is not exclusively available for artists living with psychological distress. There are several assistance measures offered, such as:

  • Career counseling;
  • Children's services (help for parents experiencing difficulties with their children);
  • Referral to local resources;
  • Services for seniors (help for people experiencing difficulties with their elderly parents);
  • Financial information and counselling;
  • Bereavement and emotional loss coaching;
  • Health coaching;
  • Legal information and consultation;
  • Nutritional services;
  • Relationship counseling;
  • Family, couple or relationship problems;
  • Parenting, etc.

A list of competent professionals is available and recipients have up to 10 hours of consultation. Consequently, it is not possible to choose a counsellor or to be reimbursed for paid professionnal's fees.

Access to the support is simple, confidential and fast and details about it are available on the FDA website, as well as the eligibility requirements (in French only).