Destination cirque Rapidly Rising Up 

Destination cirque Rapidly Rising Up
December 6, 2021

An essential measure for the diffusion of the circus that is already proving its value.

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In April 2021, En Piste launched, with the support of the CALQ, the Destination Cirque program, dedicated to the circulation of circus arts in Quebec.

Since then, more than thirty presenters have joined the program, demonstrating the need to establish such a distribution network throughout Quebec.
For those who are not yet familiar with Destination Cirque, it is a fee subsidy measure intended for presenters interested in offering circus art shows on a recurring basis as part of their regular programming. This measure includes, in particular, the creation of a directory of shows offered on the En Piste website; networking activities, training and resources for the development of good practices in the field of circus arts.
resources for the development of best practices in the sector; and support for communication, promotion and audience development.
Today, En Piste is pleased to share with you the results of the first year of implementation of the program. The benefits and impacts are indeed more than positive for our community and the public:
- By the end of June 2022, 31 presenters had signed up, contributing to an increase in the number of shows presented in Quebec;
- Nearly 50,000 spectators had, during the 21-22 season, attended a circus show despite the pandemic;
- A diversification of the offer of 51 shows, in terms of aesthetics and forms, allowed
different types of audiences;
- Various consulting services and networking activities were presented by En Piste to artists, collectives and companies, as well as to presenters, which enriched the experience;
- Apart from Nord-du-Québec, all regions participated;
- The presenters' share of the Destination Cirque program amounts to more than $800,000 for this first year;
- Assistance for fees and mediation totalled $225,000 in investment from CALQ.

At present, we are proud to count 35 "circus carriers" in our ranks, with whom we can offer a repertoire of more than 70 circus shows, in addition to distinguishing ourselves once again in almost all regions of Quebec.

We remind you that artist collectives and companies across Canada and even elsewhere in the world wishing to promote their shows to Quebec presenters also benefit from this service since the group promotes the entire range of shows available for touring in Quebec. We invite you to consult the directory of circus shows
on our website. Contact us to add your show.

If you are a presenter and would like to join the program, we invite you to contact Nadia Drouin at the following email address: [email protected] .

Destination cirque is a testament to our vision of making the circus accessible to a greater number of people throughout the country. A true measure for the circus and for the future!

We would like to warmly thank the Conseil des arts et de lettres du Québec for its support.