The 2023 membership campaign is launched!  

The 2023 membership campaign is launched!
November 24, 2022

Join or renew your membership and benefit from services dedicated to the circus community!

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I wish to become a member or renew my membership

Becoming a member means you can: 

__Be listed in the online repertory for the circus community and additional ressources.
__Benefit from health and safety protection (CNESST measure).
__Participate in workshops at advantageous rates: group trainings and individualized trainings (Training
   Support Program and Career Support Program).
__Join the circus community and participate in networking events.
__Be supported by the group in the development of your career through resources made available to
   our members.
__Be represented before governmental institutions by the association to advance the issues and
   concerns of our alliance.
__Be represented in major events for the presentation of your creations, including RIDEAU in Quebec
   City in February 2023.
__Access to a specialized and competitive insurance program for Canadians, offering you 4 types of
   essential coverage (Civil Liability, Travel, Individual Health and Corporate).
__Benefit from the reimbursement assistance program for training expenses.
__Access the Destination Cirque program to help with the presentation of shows in Quebec.
__Access job offers and calls for projects relayed by En Piste.
__Receive a newsletter, in order to be informed of circus news.
__Publish some posts on the En Piste website.
__Share in the En Piste bulletin board (Facebook).
__Exercise your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
__Obtain exclusives discounts from partners. More info below!
__Run for election to the En Piste Board of Directors.

If you have any questions about your past or future membership, please feel free to contact:

Amina Meharzi
Member Services Officer
[email protected] 
514 529-1183 ext. 1

If it is a new membership, please note that all applications are evaluated by the college representing you, so please allow time for processing. 

If it is a renewal, you will receive your new membership card and a reminder of the benefits to which you are entitled.