Continuing Education Needs Study 

Continuing Education Needs Study
© Polina Kovaleva
January 24, 2023

We need you to help shape the training programs of tomorrow! 

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We are re-launching a study on the needs in continuing education. The goal is to understand what skills need to be developed in the various professions that make up the circus sector. We invite you to participate in one of the discussions according to the theme that suits you best:
Monday, January 30th 9:30 am - experienced artists
Tuesday, January 31st 9:30 am - creators
Tuesday, January 31st 1:30 pm - technicians
Wednesday, February 1st 9:30 am - cultural workers
Wednesday, February 1st 1:30 pm - presenting professionals

Log on to this link at one of these times:

If possible, please confirm your presence to Mathilde, by clicking on the button below.

I confirm!