L’École de cirque de Québec will present the annual Final Performance at Le Diamant. 

L’École de cirque de Québec will present the annual Final Performance at Le Diamant.
Amélie Granger © Emmanuel Burriel
March 16, 2023

As part of its Higher Education program in circus arts, the École de cirque de Québec will present the Final Exam Performance of its 2023 graduating class outside its walls and open to the general public. This important pedagogical event represents the final step of a three year learning and development process in their circus disciplines. It is not a staged show, but rather a series of individual, duo or trio acts created and performed by the students in collaboration with the faculty; a series which is designed to share the creative, interpretive and performance skills of each graduate of the school.

On this occasion and as a result of the excellent relationship maintained between the boards of directors of the emblematic theatre Le Diamant and the École de cirque de Québec, the interest of holding this major event for the next generation of Quebec circus artists in the prestigious 600-seat hall of Le Diamant was naturally agreed upon in a joint agreement between the two institutions.

For the first time, the school will welcome its audience for this event at Le Diamant. This audience will be made up of representatives of circus companies, guests from different local organizations, people from the Quebec circus community, and this time also the inhabitants of Quebec City who wish to discover the results of the work of the school's graduates in a performance worthy of professional circus standards.

We hope to see you on Saturday, April 1st at 7:30 pm. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this new generation of circus artists on the cusp of joining the professional circus milieu in Quebec and internationally.

Tickets on sale: bit.ly/ActiviteSynthese2023

"As a major presenter of circus shows in Quebec, Le Diamant is very pleased to host the graduating class of the École de cirque de Québec. This is a crucial moment for the emerging circus artists and we wish them all the success they deserve.”
Viviane Paradis, Head of Programming, Le Diamant

“The École de cirque de Québec is proud that its graduates will be able to experience a stint in a place as magnificent and important as Le Diamant. What a springboard for the beginning of their careers! This event will also allow a greater number of Quebecers to discover a cohort of artists full of promise. Not to be missed!”
Tim Roberts, General Manager, École de cirque de Québec

About the École de cirque de Québec.

A non-profit organization with an artistic, educational and community vocation, the École de cirque de Québec (ECQ) offers professional and recreational training activities, produces and presents circus events for the general public and is an important social player in the local community. Founded in 1995 and located since 2003 in the former Saint-Esprit church in the heart of the Limoilou district of Quebec City, the school offers its various audiences a unique learning space that enjoys an international reputation for the recognized quality of its training and for its dynamism in promoting the circus arts locally and beyond Canadian borders.

Information: Robin Pueyo – Communications manager, École de cirque de Québec
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