Launch of En Piste's 2024 membership campaign  

Launch of En Piste's 2024 membership campaign
December 4, 2023

Dear En Piste member, colleague and partner,

Since my appointment as Excecutive Director of En Piste, last September, it has been my heartfelt wish that our group be guided by our shared passion for the circus arts, of course, but also by a human dynamic and genuine friendship.

Whether you're a creator, cultural worker or teacher, up-and-coming or experienced, you're our primary source of energy, a precious resource for the progress of our collective projects.

The circus must remain a privileged space, conducive to encounters, collaboration and mutual support, a place open to anyone who wishes to participate, a captivating art form that draws its strength from your creativity, dynamism, agility and talent, whether you shine on stage or work behind the scenes.

I'm committed to preserving the exceptional nature of the circus, this unique artistic heritage that you help to create day after day, and to fostering and promoting an environment in which it can flourish.

Every human being at the heart of the circus counts. Every one of your voices counts too. It is in your company and with the support of my team that I wish to celebrate the circus in all its diversity and pursue a circus adventure.

I'm counting on you for 2024!

Nadia Drouin, Executive Director, En Piste



To renew your membership, simply click on the "Renew" button on your profile page,
choose the membership of your category and follow the instructions.

Take advantage of this opportunity to sign up for our group insurance program for the year 2024.
(There is no fee increase this year).

Joining for the first time? Follow the instructions here.

Don't forget to update your photo (portrait) and biography within the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning your membership, please do not hesitate to contact Amina Meharzi, Member Services Coordinator, at [email protected] / 514 529-1183, ext. 1
















The Chita Project_The Thing-in-Itself_ Performers_Anna Kichtchenko and Pablo Pramparo © Caroline Thibault.