World Circus Day 

World Circus Day
April 8, 2024

On this World Circus Day, En Piste, national circus arts alliance, invites you to share the following letter on your social networks. Encourage all circus lovers to join the movement. Flood the email inboxes of your representatives, ministers, and advisors. We must scratch, we must roar.

This letter is a call to collective action, a heartfelt plea to recognize the importance of art in our Quebec society.


Join the movement, this is just the beginning!







Collectively acknowledging the importance of art in our Quebec society.

On this World Circus Day, I unite my voice with those of circus artists and workers, concerned about the health and sustainability of the performing arts as we know them today.

The latest budget from the Quebec Minister of Finance was voted on March 12th, and what was allocated to Culture heralds a dismantling of the live arts sector and an existential crisis for an entire industry already in a state of survival.

I add my voice to all those who will no longer be able to maintain their projects since the budgets allocated to CALQ to support cultural organizations and artists remain the same for 2024-2025 as they were in 2017-2018, without an increase, without indexing.

Our organizations for creation, production, services, dissemination, and education allow art to exist, flourish, and constantly renew itself. Not supporting them decently further weakens an ecosystem still reeling from the impacts of the pandemic.

Without decent financial support, artists cannot have creative spaces, time, or training.
Art fades away.

Without adequate financial support, organizations struggle to offer minimal programming for the public and artists.
Art grows weary.

Without real financial support, our qualified workforce deserts the sector for other, more secure industries.
Art empties out.

Today, I become aware of this reality and unite my voice in an urgent quest for support to preserve the vitality of our art and our culture.

Long live culture, long live art, long live the circus!


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To download the letter, click here.


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