Master Classes - Clowning and comedy applied to circus arts 

Master Classes - Clowning and comedy applied to circus arts
© Stacey Laureyssens (Artistes : Julia Perron Laflamme et John Shibley)


Jean Saucier


January 16 to 20, 2023,

from 10am to 4pm. 

At Studio Bizz in Montreal. 

Registration deadline

January 16, 2023



Maximum number of participants



Subsidized Rate: 100.00$
Actual Value: 658.25$

This training is supported by Emploi Québec. 


This training is for circus artists:

This training in clowning offers, first of all, an introduction to the analysis of movement in depth. It will lead to an awareness of the intermittence of changes to be adopted according to the desired effect and the rhythms of nature, which are always multiple. It will also focus on learning the different styles and registers of contemporary clowning, mainly in relation to the poetic aspect, the material and the work of mimics and physiognomy.

Clowning is a discipline that requires constant effort, practice and daily updating. We have noticed that artists who want to perfect their clowning skills have little access to training that allows them to acquire new techniques and different teaching methods. To meet the needs of our circus arts clientele, we would like to offer training in clowning by a recognized trainer offering new approaches.

Course 1: New approaches to clowning. Optimal physical preparation of the artist in order to help him communicate clear and precise intentions on stage. Group, solo and duo exercises.

Course 2: exercises on basic techniques, on the fixed point and public gaze to share the emotion of the clown. Discovering the game of preparation, a game space filled with comedy, before an execution of a circus technique.

Class 3: Discover the time spaces within a circus act that are favorable to the creation of comedy. Exercises and practice of this technique.

Class 4: Creativity in developing solo and duo mini-numbers. Individual coaching on one's own comic nature.

Class 5: looking at, analyzing and staging new proposals or existing acts, to integrate creativity, comedy and clowning into one's daily work.

Required material

Please wear appropriate clothing.