Master Classes - Clowning and comedy applied to circus arts 

Master Classes - Clowning and comedy applied to circus arts
© Stacey Laureyssens (Artistes : Julia Perron Laflamme et John Shibley)


Jean Saucier


January 16 to 20, 2023,

from 10am to 4pm. 

At Studio Bizz in Montreal. 

Registration deadline

January 16, 2023



Maximum number of participants



Subsidized Rate: 100.00$
Actual Value: 658.25$

This training is supported by Emploi Québec. 




This workshop is an introduction to the language of clowning through Francine Côté's method which Jean Saucier adapted. Jean Saucier has made a career out of combining clowning and circus.

The objective of the workshop is to give participants tools to create and integrate clowning and physical comedy into their circus practice. To give them the experience of performing and quickly create frameworks. Through improvisations and small creations, they will learn to develop their sense of timing in comedy. Jean Saucier will coach them in all the steps. Also, by observing the work of others, students will discover and learn the basics of creating circus acts that combine clowning and comedy.

TIt will be individual work leading the students to develop their openness, the pleasure of acting, their creativity, to listen to their emotional self and to ohers while learning to use the technical notions of stage acting such as : public acting, fixed point, one rhythm at a time, emotion/movement/text, taking the act and giving the act, etc.

Through a work of opening and body awareness the participants will have to perform a series of physical exercises, awareness and direction in space in order to be ready to physically enter into the practice and the search for their own clowning energy. Each exercise has several steps. For the physical work and preparation, Jean Saucier adapts to each student, focusing particularly on the first stages of the physical and emotional work. We keep it light and create a place of trust.

"You don't create your clown... you just let him come. Then we accept it with affection and share it with others. A work of simplicity, sincerity, vulnerability and pleasure of play.'' Francine Côté.


Required material

Please wear appropriate clothing.