Circus dramaturgy - the place of technique in circus work 

Circus dramaturgy - the place of technique in circus work
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Sebastian Kann


Every Friday from October 7 to December 2, 2022,

5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

On line only. 

Registration deadline

October 7, 2022



Maximum number of participants



Subsidized Rate: 57.50$
Actual Value: 382.00$

This training is supported by Emploi Québec. 


This training is intended for circus artists and designers:

This training will focus on the fundamental elements that make up the mise en scène or ring setting such as editing techniques, rhythm, story, treatment of ideas, audience, sources of inspiration, poetics and aesthetics. Through reading, writing, and discussion, we will be able to arrive at an understanding rooted in something larger than one's personal experience, which links the question of circus prowess to social and political issues.

Not all circus artists have had the opportunity to explore staging during their training or professional careers. However, many of them end up, at one point or another in their career, directing projects for their own company or for a circus company. This course is intended for all those who have questions about the place of technique in the circus and who wish to delve into the theory to better understand the nature of the problem and the different ways in which we can respond. 

Course 1: What is dramaturgy?

Course 2: key concepts of contemporary performance.
Course 3: circus technique and narrative dramaturgy.

Course 4: technique and the non-human: the object and the power to act.

Course 5: body, discipline, agentivity.

Course 6: spectacular dramaturgies: distancing, separation, activation.

Course 7: the << virtuosity >> and the circus as work.

Course 8: technique and digital image.

Course 9: the body without organs.

Required material

Note taking (pen, paper).