So, you love circus and dance? 

So, you love circus and dance?

Registration deadline

October 10, 2023


Members: 48.00$
Non-members: 48.00$


Dates and time: October 16, 23 and 30, November 6 and 13, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Instructor: Nathan Biggs-Penton
Location: Circuit-Est, Studio C (1881, rue Saint-André, Montréal)
Duration: 10 hours
Number of participants: 12 maximum
Language: French

For: circus artists with a passion for dance and other artists who want to explore circus movement from a fresh perspective.

This workshop invites you to develop your own dance and circus vocabulary by exploring a new approach to movement that invites conversation. This space for dialogue, in which the trainer will share precise research methodologies they have developed, will help you identify what aspect of this hybrid form interests you and reflect on it together. The line between circus and dance movements can sometimes be blurry. The exercises performed will provide an opportunity to take a more in-depth look at the notion of intentional movement.

The workshop will focus on theoretical questions, which will be asked and answered orally in a setting that promotes open dialogue, before delving into a concrete exploration of movement.


Nathan Biggs-Penton ©Agathe Bisserier

Nathan Biggs-Penton grew up in the Appalachians of Virginia before eventually settling in Montréal, near the very same mountain range. His deep connection to nature inspires him to emulate and imitate its beauty, flexibility, adaptability and ephemeral quality. The fluid movement of water down a stream, graceful curve of windswept trees, patient and determined growth of roots and fleeting colours of sunsets all fuel his desire to create.

Nathan doesn’t simply seek to reproduce nature, but to capture its movements and ways of being with humility and talent. His self-improvement process is reflected in the works he presents to the world: a state of serenity that strives for kindness, acceptance and awareness. His art seeks to establish a deep connection with human emotions, providing observers with a peaceful space to reflect. Each of his creations is presented and shared with tenderness and respect for the nature that inspires it.

Nathan is an artist, out-side eye, teacher and creator as well as the co-founder and co-director of Acting for Climate. He was educated at the Circus Smirkus, the University of Dance and Circus of Stockholm, and the École de cirque de Québec. Since 2008 he has performed in cabarets, touring shows, and co-directed and performed in five short form and four full length creations. Nathan has been teaching since 2010 in various forms from private classes, festival workshops, to full sessions for circus schools. 


© Agathe Bisserier