Second survey on the impacts related to COVID-19 on the circus arts sector 

Second survey on the impacts related to COVID-19 on the circus arts sector
November 23, 2020

Today we are launching a second survey to update our data on the impacts of the pandemic in the circus arts sector and to identify the measures needed to revive our activities and ensure the sustainability of our community. This survey is for both individuals and companies.

Last April, 561 of you responded to an initial survey that brought great credibility to our advocacy work. Among other things, it led to a $10 million one-time emergency fund from the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.

Although measures are already in place and structuring projects are underway to support our sector during this unprecedented crisis, the challenges and needs remain numerous. The collection of data is fundamental in order to represent you accurately in the coming months. In this context, it is essential to proceed again with a review of the current situation.

Having spoken with many of you, we know how difficult the situation is across the board. Your participation is therefore crucial to support us in our advocacy efforts. We are counting on you to participate in large numbers.

Feel free to share the links to the surveys in your networks in order to establish a chain of solidarity and encourage all organizations, artists and professionals in the sector across the country to participate! 

You will find below the links to the surveys to be completed before Monday, December 7, 2020. Thank you for your valuable collaboration!

Survey for artists and cultural workers

Survey for companies and organizations