AVOIR SU - management for your life as a ROCKSTAR - Montreal Session 

AVOIR SU - management for your life as a ROCKSTAR - Montreal Session


Andréanne Quintal


November 2, 2022,

From 10am to 5pm.

At En Piste's office. 

Trainers: Andréanne Quintal and David Girard 

Registration deadline

November 2, 2022



Maximum number of participants



Subsidized Rate: 40.00$
Actual Value: 262.12$

This training is supported by Emploi Québec. 


This training is intended for circus artists and designers:

Intended for circus artists, this training offers a rich content in order to develop the entrepreneurial fiber in connection with their professional activity. This training will address a range of concrete and useful topics for their career development. It will provide participants with concrete tools and examples of best practices to help them develop strategies and build a career plan that will suit their reality.

AVOIR SU was born out of a real desire to accompany and support circus artists by sharing with them the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Our international experience, our versatility as a producer, circus artist and designer, as well as the support of multiple recognized experts in the field, undeniably represent an added value to our training and therefore to your success!

Part 1: THE CREATIVE ARTIST: Get noticed!

Your Value: What is your artistic identity?
Casting: Sell yourself!
Promotion: Our 5 essentials
Networking & Social Networks: Stand out!
From local show to international tour
Festival Applications: Tips & Tricks
Conclusion, Questions

Part 2: THE ENTREPRENEUR ARTIST: Get called back!

Evaluating the Market: Why would you be hired?
Client Experience: Real-life cases
Contracts: Bring out the lawyer in you!
Negotiation: How much are you worth?
Coordo & Logistics: Be the champion of autonomy.
Physical & mental health : Let's talk about it !
Conclusion, Questions

Required material

Note taking (pen, paper).